about us

generous development was established 1. of November 2019 by Anette Krarup. We are developers at heart, working with urban and residential development in strategic collaboration with the best advisers and investors on each case. An urban development at its best consists of both housing and retail and we develop both in the belief that a mixed urban community will last longer.

We want to reinstate love and professional pride into the construction industry and to create projects that instill pride in everybody involved. Generosity, orderliness, mutual respect, joy and pride are words that describe the values we aim to ‘build into’ the housing, buildings and urban spaces we give back to society. We believe that quality of life will emerge in the built environment by letting these values flow through the process and translate into the actual buildings.

Our approach to every project is based on holistic thinking. We engage in and choose projects that we believe can leave behind a sustainable result and with the conviction that the sustainable city is inseparably connected to a sustainable nature/landscape. We want to contribute by adding more diversity and create richness in experience in the Danish housing market. We acknowledge that the buildings we build will stand for generations and will be the framework for a variety of family typologies in the future. We owe it to both the families and to the community to do our utmost when building residential housing. We want to create buildings that are not just iterations but reflect the life lived – inside as well as outside, in architecture and in design.

An important focal point is the flexible living space. There is a lot of quality in creating tranquility around the places we live. The home provides safety and is the place where we recharge and build up energy to enable us to contribute to the communities we partake in, at work and in other social contexts. We want to build housing that meets all phases of life, that eliminates the need to move from the area you love and live in.

We are engaged in creating the so-called “third place” in our projects – the place that is neither your home, nor your workplace. It is a place on neutral grounds where you meet informally and get to know the people in your community and local urban spaces. Themes that we continue to work on in holistic strategies and in the development of a residential area. This is all based on our teamwork approach of multidisciplinary collaboration with carefully selected specialists in their respective fields.

The future is all about communities across ages and individual interests, furthermore it is about the degree of closeness we all need, as human beings, in our local community. We firmly believe that, with a loving and generous starting point, it is possible to create better housing and urban neighbourhoods, for people across ages and cultures. We recognise the existing challenges in any given area and therefore always bring together a team that has the specific experience to fit the complexity of any project we do.