love - generosity - joy - energy - trust - positivity – availability

handshake (haandslag)

We are fully aware of the fact that time is the resource of the future. Time for each other and for contemplation. That is why we believe that in respect for one another, it is important that we all show up prepared and ready for the coming collaboration. This is something we want to ‘shake hands’ on with all our future collaborators. To ‘shake hands’ is done to form an agreement to convey trust, respect and equality between two people. That is why we have created the following ‘handshakes’ that will form the basis for the good and inspirational teamwork we want to achieve in any team.


  1. We integrate love in all of our developments
  2. We create generosity in the process and the built environment
  3. We believe that joy and an open mindset create good results
  4. We believe that money is an energy that creates possibilities
  5. We believe that everyone on the team should earn money
  6. We create the framework together in mutual trust
  7. We trust that everyone on the team will be positively involved
  8. We are approachable through continuous communication


9. We work in mutual respect 
10. We work transparently
11. We meticulously analyse every site we build
12. We trust that everybody will do great work
13. We trust that everybody will avoid wasting each other’s time
14. We believe in mutual and clear communication
15. We develop projects from a sustainability point of view
16. We believe in interdisciplinary sharing of knowledge