We bring our hearts to work and wish to create sustainable housing that rests on a foundation of orderliness and happiness. It requires great accountability as a developer to build in the present day and we are very aware of the fact that we are part of a bigger global context. We are and want to continue to be part of this global narrative and our impetus is therefore always sustainability – socially as well as in terms of resources and aesthetic. 

In our opinion it is all about finding the balance between what we wish for and what is possible. At the same time we use the chosen SDG’s, translated into a local context, to guide us through the entire planning and development phase. We reuse materials when the potential is there and ensure that transformation and demolition takes place in an environmentally sound manner. We strive to make the 17 World Goals local and site-specific, leaving the elements that make sense to recycle in each project.
Our approach is all about treating people with respect and by creating a good everyday life for the people we are collaborating with through our projects. In this way we make the connection between the SDG’s and specific and local action that creates value, sustainability and good life conditions wherever we build.

We take it upon ourselves to raise the bar, using the 17 world goals as a parameter for honesty and love: we design and build for and with love. We aim to do this by, among other things, creating transparency in our analyses, strategy and process.

generous development is member of Green Building Council Denmark. We are proud to be a member of an organization that actively works to reduce the environmental impact that we as an industry stand for.

Photo: Astridkbh