Transformation of an industrial area in Hvidovre – a Copenhagen suburb

In collaboration with Oliver Grundahl, generous is in the process of transforming an old industrial area to a sparkling new community with mixed residential and business. It will be an enhancement of Hvidovre and the opportunities it offers its present and future citizens. As a place to live, but also as a place to visit. Today, the area consists of mixed businesses and we’re in a dialogue with the owners about acquiring their properties to make room for the development.

It is a vulnerable process as many of the businesses have been on this location for many years. At the same time it gives them the chance to capitalise on their buildings and also to perhaps rethink their business. Do we need the same amount of space? Can our production be optimised? The development happens in several steps. First, the area needs to become part of the municipal plan, which is being developed at present. The plan will be subjected to a consultation procedure from late June till the end of the year. After that a final municipal plan will be prepared. 

Our team:
Developer: generous development + Oliver Grøndahl
Architect: Tegnestuen lokal
Engineer: Afry
Social urbaniser: Helles og Docherty
Urbanist: Niels Bjørn
Demolition: J Jensen
Contractor: Jønsson Entreprise

The image is a preliminary visualization.