Website: soeagerhusene.dk

A new residential area in Smørumnedre

In collaboration with Egedal municipality and our team, Generous Development are now going to work on creating the framework and unfolding the potential of the location. The site is approximately 35,000m2. The scale of the future development depends on the research and analysis of the site and context. What we do know is that it will be a green residential area based on sustainability and the 17 SDG’s.

Søagerskolen will be tranformed into a new beautiful and sustainable neighbourhood, which should be reflected in the district plan. When a school closes and is demolished, it leaves a void in the local community. Not only physical but also socially. A school is the place where you form relationships at all levels across ages and genders. A new local environment that replaces that function must be created as far as possible and be open towards its neighbours.

Generous Development has formed a strong and dedicated team for this project. A team whose members all represent great experience and good values in relation to urban development and integration into an existing urban context.
Developer: generous development, Architect: Aarstiderne Arkitekter, Engineer: Sweco, Urbanist: Niels Bjørn, Social urbaniser: Helles & Docherty, Contractor: Jönsson Entreprise A/S, Demolition: J. Jensen

The image is a preliminary visualization.