Sundby Sports village

New stadium and residential area 

FA elite and generous development collaborate on the development of Sundby Sports Village. Over the next year we will maintain a presence in Sundby via a dialogue with all stakeholders in the area, via posts on the homepage, newsletters and print media. We will articulate what a new stadium can deliver to the area. How we, by design and content can give something back to the town and create life 24/7 in a way that every citizen can relate to.

This work goes on alongside the municipality’s work on uncovering how the development can take place. The complexity of a task such as this demands a carefully selected team of specialists across a wide field. Generous development has gathered a strong and dedicated team whose members all represent great experience and sound values in terms of city development and alignment with already existing neighbourhoods.

Our team: 
Developer: generous development
Partner: FA Elite
Communications: Urgent Agency
Architect: Mangor & Nagel
Urbanist: Niels Bjørn